Oulu Pride Week 1–7 August celebrates international rainbow rights


The colours of the rainbow are once again seen in the city of Oulu, as Oulu Pride celebrates equality, non-discrimination, and well-being. The theme of the event is international rainbow rights.

Oulu Pride Week is celebrated 1–7 August 2022, during which numerous events, workshops and activities are organized. Pride Week is a human rights event designed to remind people of equal rights regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. The City of Oulu is cooperating in the implementation of the event week. The partnership means, for example, that the City of Oulu’s communications unit, Youth services and cultural institutions provide information about the event. City of Oulu also offers facilities for the event and arranges workshops and lectures during Oulu Pride Week.

- In Oulu everyone can be who they are without feeling unsafe. We all are equal. Oulu is committed to promoting equality by setting goals for services and operations in various sectors in accordance with the plan approved by the City Board, states Päivi Laajala, the Mayor of Oulu.

- As an employer, we want to guarantee an open, confidential, and inclusive working atmosphere in which everyone feels safe regardless of their background, gender, or sexual orientation. The development of the diversity of work communities has also been highlighted in the equality and non-discrimination plan for the personnel of the City of Oulu. Equality and non-discrimination are also considered in the training of superiors, says Mauri Mikkola, the City of Oulu’s Human Resources Deputy Director.

- For Example, Youth Services, the City Library, and Cultural Services are joining the campaign. During the Oulu Pride week, we also communicate in our channels with rainbow colours to equally support the well-being of Oulu residents, says Ari Heikkinen, the City of Oulu’s Administrative Director.

Oulu has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture for the year 2026. Oulu2026 is based on the idea of ​​cultural climate change, which consists of three themes: bravely on the peripheral edge, the power of opposites and the wild city. The aim is to be more tolerant of others and improve the mental atmosphere and cooperation in Europe through culture and art.

The full Oulu Pride programme is available at: www.oulupride.fi

For more information:
Ari Heikkinen
Administrative Director
040 070 0507