Participatory budgeting in Oulu begins – how would you use 70,000 euros?


Participatory budgeting in Oulu begins on Monday 31 January. In participatory budgeting, the residents of Oulu come up with ideas and vote to decide how to use 70,000 euros to improve the well-being of Oulu residents.

Ideas for developing your own residential area and the whole city can be proposed online on the Participate Oulu website from 31 January to 13 February.

All ideas are welcome

During the conception period, anyone can suggest an idea that would improve the attractiveness and spirit of community in Oulu.

“Participatory budgeting aims to increase the opportunities for Oulu residents to influence how everyday matters could be improved in Oulu. The idea can be proposed by one person or a group of people together. All ideas are welcome”, encourages Mikko Salmi, Director of Communications.

All proposed ideas can be found on the Participate Oulu website. Ideas can also be discussed during the conception period. In addition, the city responds to all ideas proposed on the site.

From ideas to voting and implementation

After the search for ideas, all feasible ideas are developed into proposals for a vote in cooperation with the experts of the city and various communities.

Later in the spring, Oulu residents will vote on which proposals will be implemented. Based on the result of the voting, the city will implement the ideas that received the most votes and which fit into the budget of 70,000 euros.

Through participatory budgeting, the city of Oulu supports the implementation of urban development ideas proposed by the residents. The goal of participatory budgeting is to increase the residents’ opportunities to influence and participate and to improve the joint dialogue between the residents and the city.

Submit your idea at Participate Oulu website.