Puolivälinkangas Library will be closed during the construction of the new community centre


The last opening day of the Puolivälinkangas Library is April 6, 2023. The library will move to the community centre being built on the same plot, which will be completed in 2025. The library's current premises will be renovated and be used by the Paulaharju School.

After the summer break, the bookmobile Kauno will offer the residents of Puolivälinkangas Library services once a week until the new library is completed. We are also looking for a temporary space for the library located in Puolivälinkangas.

There will be no due dates 6.4.–31.5.2023 for materials borrowed from the Puolivälinkangas Library. Loans can be returned to all OUTI Libraries. The libraries closest to the Puolivälinkangas Library are located in Tuira and Kaijonharju.

Reservations can be picked up from the Puolivälinkangas Library until 6.4.2023. After this, reservations with the Puolivälinkangas Library as the pick-up place will be moved to the Tuira Library, where they can be picked up starting 12.4.2023.