The quality of the water at Nallikari is being reviewed more carefully - The swimming ban continues


Read the latest news, that has been published 10.7.2022.

Published: 8.7.2022, updated: 9.7.2022

The Environmental Office of Oulu announces 9.7.2022:

The results of the Nallikari swimming water samples have varied from day to day. The final sample results from Thursday 7.7. showed that the bacteria levels were below the threshold value. Despite this, to ensure the safety of visitors to the beach, the swimming ban imposed on July 7, 2022 will be continued.

In a sample taken from the Northern end of Nallikari beach on Thursday 7.7., the amount of enterococci present was 60 cfu/100 ml, when the threshold value is 200 cfu/100 ml. The amount of e.coli bacteria present was 440 cfu/100ml, when the threshold value is 500 cfu/100 ml. A sample taken from the Southern end indicated that the amount of enterococci present was 50 cfu/100 ml. The amount of e.coli bacteria present was 240 cfu/100ml.

The new sample results will be announced on Sunday 10.7. By that time the results will have come in for the samples taken on Friday 8.7. The water samples must return clean results for two days in a row, before the swimming ban can be lifted.

The water quality at Nallikari beach is being monitored daily. The City of Oulu will expand the investigations into the reasons behind this with specialized tests and close cooperation with experts. Tips from the public have been inspected actively.


The City of Oulu is conducting an expansive investigation

The matter has been investigated continuously and the investigation is expanding further. The plan is to for instance devise a model of the sea currents around Oulu and conduct more comprehensive water analysis. These can provide information on the host of the bacteria source even down to the animal species. The samples taken up to now of the swimming water do not reveal the source. More comprehensive tests are needed. The city will also commence an investigation into the improvement of the exchange of water at Nallikari, for instance through dredging.

The Oulu Waterworks is continuously monitoring the waste water network and water treatment plant. No overflow into the bodies of water has been detected. Tips from the public concerning water networks are always inspected.

The quality of the water by beaches is affected by many factors, including overflows from sewage systems and lavatories, overflows from pump stations, waste and urban runoffs, wind and rain conditions, the condition and equipment of the beach, boating, septic tanks, agriculture, wild and domestic animals as well as the swimmers at the beach.


Oulu has many beaches

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