Winter holiday week activities in early childhood education and care 7. - 13.3.2022 (week 10)


During the winter holiday week 7. - 13.3.2022 (week 10) daycare centres are mainly open, but groups and the activities of daycare centres close to each other can be combined, if necessary, taking into account hygiene and coronavirus safety. Changes in family day care may occur due to the holidays of family daycaregivers, in which case the managers of family day care inform the clients. Private service providers inform their unit's customer families about the opening hours of the winter holiday week.

If the child is out of early childhood education and care during the winter holiday week, the absence will not be refunded in customer fees. If a child in free pre-primary education needs  early childhood education and care during the winter holiday week,   a temporary care contract is concluded with the daycare centre manager and a fixed daily fee (full-time 17,30 € and less than five (5) hours of day 10,40 €) is charged as the client fee.

If a child in pre-primary and early childhood education (full-time care) needs full-time early childhood  education and care during the winter holiday week, a fee will be charged for the reserved days in accordance with the need for the service.

Reporting a child's absence

You can report your child's absences during the winter holiday week already on the e-service

If you are unable to report an electronic absence, you can report the absences directly to the daycare centre/family daycare centre.