Participatory Budgeting

Participatory budgeting is an operation model where citizens determine the use of a certain amount of money. With participatory budgeting, the citizens may offer ideas on developing the city. All ideas offered will be evaluated and all feasible ideas are put to vote. By voting, the citizens determine which ideas are realized. 

All 13-year-old or older citizens of Oulu are eligible to vote. The city is responsible for realization of the winning ideas. The aim of participatory budgeting is to increase chances to influence and participate for the citizens as well as promote dialogue between the city and its citizens.  

In Finland and internationally, participatory budgeting is a way to promote the citizens’ more comprehensive participation in the use of the city’s resources. In Oulu, participatory budgeting has been implemented since 2018. 

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Participatory Budgeting 2024 

The city of Oulu’s participatory budgeting began on Monday January 15, 2024. The idea period lasts for two weeks and ends on January 28. 

This time we are realizing the ideas of Oulu’s citizens with a more than tripled budget than before. This year the citizens will come up with ideas and decide by vote how the city will spend 240 000 € to enhance well-being and comfort in Oulu. 

Do you have an idea that could benefit others? What kind of activities are you missing in Oulu? Present your ideas online on the Osallistu Oulu website between January 15-28. 

On the Osallistu Oulu website you may inspect all presented ideas and even comment on them. After the idea period, the city will respond to all presented ideas. 

After the idea period, all ideas that meet the participatory budgeting criteria and are realizable are further developed into voting proposals with city experts and different operators. 

Later in the spring the citizens of Oulu can decide by vote which proposals are realized. Based on the voting result, the city will realize the proposals that received the most votes that fit into the 240 000 € budget.  

The goal of participatory budgeting is to increase the citizens’ possibilities to influence and participate as well as to increase dialogue between the city and its citizens. Participatory budgeting is funded by the nation’s welfare and health promotion fund divided among municipalities. 

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