Snow ploughing and anti-skid treatment

A yellow grader is plowing snow

The city ensures snow ploughing and anti-skid treatment for its public access streets and pedestrian and cycle paths that are under its maintenance in city plan areas. The roadways and the pedestrian and cycle paths are divided into three maintenance classes based on their traffic-related importance.

You can view the city’s street maintenance classifications in Oulu Region Map Service.  

Winter maintenance is executed in the order of the maintenance classes.  

Unexpected weather conditions may delay street maintenance.

Street maintenance classes

Roadways, maintenance class I

Roadways, maintenance class II

Roadways, maintenance class III

Main cycle lane routes, maintenance class Super

Pedestrian and cycle paths, maintenance class I

Pedestrian and cycle paths, maintenance class II

You can give feedback in an electronic feedback service. All feedback goes to the contractor and their supervisor.

In case of an urgent matter where traffic safety or property is endangered, please contact the contractor directly.