Support for child development and learning

In Oulu, development and learning support is organized as a part of the daily activities of early childhood education and care. Primarily, the care is provided in the child's own daycare centre, preschool or family day care group. The need for support assessment and providing it are included in the early childhood education and care plan, which is created together with the guardians.

In Oulu, a special education teacher is appointed for each daycare centre. They will join the child group and take part in the educational discussion together with the daycare staff regularly and when needed.

If you are worried for your child's development or learning, please discuss it with your child's daycare centre staff or family day carer. Do not hesitate to contact the special education teacher as well.

Special Education Teacher Contact Information

Different forms of support

General, enhanced and special support

Support services in early childhood education and care

Picture: Mika Kolehmainen