Information about Us

Multicultural Centre Villa Victor operates in the Oulu10 building.

Villa Victor organizes Finnish language teaching free of charge, information sessions and different events. Our most important values are equality and justice. 

You can study Finnish language from elementary to advanced level or attend YKI training and conversation courses either in contact classroom teaching  or in distance teaching via Teams.

Villa Victor organizes different multicultural events. Welcome to Oulu, Värikäs ravintola ("Colorful Restaurant") and Independence Day Celebration are organized annually. In addition, Villa Victor organizes monthly information sessions on current topics.

Villa Victor specializes in immigration work coordination and development. Our staff work as specialists in different work and guidance groups related to immigration and multiculturalism. Anti-racism work and integration as a two-way process are our central goals.

We develop our activities in close collaboration with our partners.

Villa Victor History

Development of Activities in Villa Victor