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Mentoring provides benefits and wellbeing

Our mentoring program has received excellent feedback both from the actors and the mentors. The actors have acquired important information on Finnish work culture and have built their professional networks. The mentors have gained new perspectives to their field and learned about Finnish working life from their immigrant collegue's perspective.

The mentoring program is directed to highly educated immigrants who already have some proficiency in Finnish language. The program is free of charge and is suitable to attend alongside the Villa Victor Finnish language non-stop courses. The language of the program is Finnish.

Mentoring is targeted for residents in Oulu and its neighboring regions. The collective meetings are organized at Villa Victor premises in Oulu10 (Torikatu 10, 90100 Oulu). 

The goal of the program is to extend immigrants' professional networks and deepen their knowledge of Finnish working life and work culture. In addition, the goal is to boost the actors' linguistic confidence and to encourage them to use Finnish. This will improve their life management skills outside professional contexts as well.


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