Working in Early Childhood Education and Care

Looking for a higher grade of work? 

Come work in Oulu’s early childhood education and care! According to studies, people love working for us: you will find supportive and inspiring colleagues and managers. You can improve and train, and you will be offered a chance of job rotation. We are always on the top of national development. The path of united growth and education begins with us. Join the child-friendly Oulu and support the cultural climate change! 

Oulu, the city of over 200 000 people, brings together a humane and friendly atmosphere, high technology, and entrepreneurship as well as original, innovative, and smart culture. The city of Oulu is the workplace of about 7000 people – a higher grade of work, of course.  

In the appropriately sized and uncrowded seaside city, the jobs are near you, just like the services and hobby facilities. It feels like there is more time in Oulu – time and possibilities for your family, home life, and self-actualization. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find videos of a daycare centre manager, a special education teacher, a daycare worker and an early childhood teacher talking about their jobs in Oulu’s early childhood education and care services.  

Supportive and Inspiring Colleagues and Manager Support 

We work together and support one another. Everyone is treated equally and respectfully. Improvement ideas are welcome and expected. 

Possibilities to Improve your Skills 

We encourage you to learn new things and improve your own professional skills. Learning is made possible in the place of your work and in various training courses. We support independent studying. 

Wide Range of Career Paths 

There is a wide range of work possibilities offered in the city of Oulu. It is also possible to transfer from one place of work to another within the city and progress in your career. 

Extensive Employee Benefits 

Employee well-being is supported with exercise and culture benefits among other things. On top of this, the city staff are offered different discounts and commuter benefits. We also offer flexible remote work possibilities.  

Courage, Fairness, Responsibility 

We make courageous decisions to ensure just a little better northern future. We have the courage to try new ideas and give up conventional ones. We work together openly taking everyone into consideration. We treat everyone without prejudice and with humane respect. We intelligently promote a sustainable lifestyle and ensure that future generations have the possibility to make decisions. Sustainable action creates safety.  

Daycare Centre Manager in Oulu (in Finnish)

Daycare Centre Worker in Oulu (in Finnish)

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher in Oulu (in Finnish)

Early Childhood Education Teacher in Oulu (in Finnish)