FAQ about the new coronavirus

Updated March 25, 2020.


General questions and answers

How is new coronavirus transmitted?

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted via the respiratory tract as a droplet infection. It is unclear how long the virus is viable on surfaces and how long it remains infectious.

Can an exposed person infect others?

If a person is assigned to a home quarantine and is asymptomatic, he or she will not infect others or expose others to the new coronavirus. Other family members can live as usual.

Who is ordered to quarantine?

If a person has been in contact with a confirmed corona case, he or she has been ordered to home quarantine. 

Can I go to work if some of my family members return from abroad?

The advice to stay home after a trip abroad only applies to those returning from a trip. If your family member returns from a trip abroad and is asymptomatic, you can go to work normally. If a family member who has returned from abroad becomes ill and is diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection, then the other family members will also be quarantined.

See also instructions for protecting yourself from the new coronavirus.


Public transport

See Oulu public transport website for more information


Oulu Waterworks

Is there going to be changes in water distribution? 

Staff contingency arrangements ensure that water purification, distribution and drainage continue as normal. Using tap water is safe.


Published March 16, 2020.