Autumn semester 

Elementary 1 and Follow-up 1 groups go to contact teaching starting next week (Mon 5th Oct) in Aleksinkulma (Aleksanteri 9), 2nd floor. 

Other Finnish classes continue on the web,until corona situation allows us to return to contact teaching. 

If you have registered to the Teams teaching group already, you do not need another registration. The new groups will appear in the same environment as the summer teaching classes.

Note that you have to register to the contact teaching beforehand in multilingual assistance desk in Oulu10. 


Language clubs (English, Russian and Arabic) will start contact teaching starting on Tue 1st September. The teaching takes place in Oulu10 (Torikatu 10, 1st floor). Note! English class starts on Mon 7th Sept.

English on Mondays at 16.30-18.00 
Arabic on Tuesdays at 16.30-18.00 
Russian on Wednesdays at 16.30-18.00 

Summer teaching ends on 14th Aug, but there will be some exercises for individual studying until the end of August.

If you are already registered to the teaching group, no additional registration is needed, as the teaching takes place in the same environment.


Enrollment to the web teaching group: 

- Sign in by sending an email to: veli-pekka.pelkonen(at) Give your name and email address with which you can join the Teams teaching group.

You will get a reply message with a link to the teaching group and some information. Check the timetable up to see, when your group is online.

More info: Veli-Pekka Pelkonen, tel. 050 361 3842


You can also study Finnish at these places:

Study Finnish online:

Yle oppiminen

Yki-test training

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