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English pre-school Lilies English pre-school Lilies


Signing up for preschool

You can sign your child up for preschool during the period from 16.– 27.1.2017.
If your child is in daycare, you can sign your child up for preschool with a specific form at the kindergarten. If you wish your child to begin preschool somewhere other than the
current kindergarten, you will need to fill in The online preschool apllication.
If your child is in family daycare or attends open early education activities, or if your child is not in daycare, you can sign your child up for preschool online. Please select the ‘Preschool
registration' (signing up for preschool) option on the front page.

Application for Early Education Services

Information evening on Wednesday 18.1.2017 at 18.00 in Oulu International School, it’s same with comprehensive school. Welcome!

Language test day  to english pre-school is on Friday the 24 of February at 2 pm. The Test will take about two hours.


Lilies - English pre-school

In the City of Oulu the English pre-school is arranged in Pikku-Ainon päiväkoti, in a group called Lilies. Lilies co-operates with Oulu International School.

In Lilies all the teaching is arranged in English, and therefore it would be preferred for the children to have some background of the language.

Those children, whose English is considered to be at the level that studying at the International school requires, can be granted a place in the International school based on the language test done before pre-school.

Free-of-charge pre-school is arranged at Lilies class room at Oulu International School from 9am until 1pm. The children, who also need municipal day care outside these hours, are spending part of their days at Pikku-Ainon päiväkoti. If preschool is complemented with day care services, a fee of 60% of the full-time day care fee allocated to the family will be charged.

More information:

Helinä Pykäläaho
p. 050 598 8297

Katja Kaksonen
tel. 050 381 7823