Yrityskylä provides sixth and ninth graders with positive experiences of working life, the economy and the society. Yrityskylä is based on the curriculum. All pupils in grades 6 and 9 in the City of Oulu schools participate in the activities of Yrityskylä North Ostrobothnia.

The learning entities include teacher training, learning materials and school lessons, as well as visiting a learning environment of Yrityskylä.

Yrityskylä Primary School

The learning environment of Yrityskylä Primary School is a society created by the pupils. The pupils works in their own profession and receives salary for their work in this miniature city. In addition, the pupil functions as a responsible consumer and as a citizen in Finnish society.

Yrityskylä Secondary School

Yrityskylä Secondary School games arena enables pupils to compete in managing companies in international markets. Pupils compete with each other in different management teams and areas of responsibility. During the game, teams prepare and sell their product to customers and manage the business for one year. The winning team is the one to raise both their business income and reputation.