Environmental Programme

Environmental Programme 2026 – a Higher Degree of Environmental Friendliness

The Environmental Programme is one of Oulu City Strategy’s action plans. Its goal is the preservation of the environment and supporting the city’s vitality. 

Contents of the Programme 

Structurally the updated programme is similar to the original. The programme includes four focus areas, all of which consist of three to four objectives with actions and indicators. The actions and indicators can be examined in the programme document. You will find a link to the document above. 

Our City Develops Sustainably

The aims of this focus area are sustainable city planning, environmentally friendly mobility, and carbon neutral construction. 

This means that Oulu’s city planning observes the principles of sustainable development among other things. Sustainable mobility is enticing and accessible. All maintenance, construction, and demolition will strive for carbon neutrality and material preservation without compromising on quality.  

We Act Resource-wisely

The aims of this focus area are efficient energy consumption, carbon neutral energy production, and functional circular economy. 

This means that, for example, public buildings will act as pioneers in energy solutions. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced systematically. Renewable energy is produced and used widely in different hybrid systems. Oulu follows the principles of circular economy. 

Strength from Nature

The aims of this focus area are to make nature accessible to everyone, adaptation to climate change, a safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment, as well as diverse nature and good ecological condition of waterways. 

This means that, for example, the city of Oulu will consider recreational values and ecological networks in land use. The city environment is planned to be environmentally sustainable. The quality of the living environment is improved and maintained to reinforce the well-being and health of people and the environment. Preservation and improvement of biodiversity, sufficient greenspaces, and the good condition of waterways are all considered in land use planning.  

We Promote Environmental Responsibility

The aims of this focus area are environmentally responsible citizens of Oulu, sustainable practices in city administration, and sustainable procurement.  

This means that, for example, the citizens, companies, and communities in Oulu know and understand the effects of their actions in the accomplishment of the city’s environmental aims. Sustainable action and consideration of the environment are a part of the daily life of city administration. The city is a procurement professional that makes their procurements environmentally responsibly. 

Programme Monitoring and Reporting 

The implementation of the programme is reported regularly and progression annually to the City Board. Environmental economy figures are reported together with the city’s year-end financial statements. You may examine the monitoring in more detail on the monitoring page (in Finnish). Progress of actions can be examined in detail on the Environmental Programme newsletter (in Finnish) that is published every two months. The newsletter can be delivered straight to your e-mail address if you wish.