Responding to Holiday Inquiries

Attendances and absences for holiday periods are inquired about with a separate inquiry on eVaka. When a holiday inquiry is published, you will receive a separate notification of it in the calendar view (upper right corner). You may answer the inquiry by clicking on the link on the notification.

We hope that the inquiries will present a realistic number of children attending so that we can reserve a sufficient number of staff and meals.  

Please note: 

  • The inquiry removes all the formerly reported attendances and absences for the period in question. 

  • Only attendances and absences are reported when the inquiry is active. 

  • The detailed opening times will be announced once the inquiry is over according to the normal announcement times. 

  • When the inquiry is active, you may swap attendances to absences or vice versa by clicking the date in question in the calendar view and choosing Edit

  • Once the inquiry is over, you cannot alter the care times for the dates you have reported as absences or did not report at all. 

  • The daycare staff can alter the reserved dates and times as usual, even when the dates have been locked. 

  • Holiday dates are presented in the calendar view as highlighted. 

Responding to holiday inquiries 

  1. Log in to eVaka and open the calendar view 

  2. Click the link in the notification window in the upper right corner. 

  3. Choose the children you are reporting the attendances and absences for. All children are chosen as default.  

  4. Choose the dates the children will be attending daycare and the dates the children will be absent. 
    Please note! If the child / children will attend or be absent for the whole week, please choose “Daily” in the Repetition box. This way you may report the whole week with one choice.