Attendance Announcement on eVaka

Announce your child’s attendance and known absences ahead of time on eVaka. Please note that attendance must be announced by Sunday at 24.00 not for the next week, but for the week after that. After this time, the week is locked and you can no longer make changes to it. The eVaka calendar is always locked for the current and next week. It is only possible to announce absences for the locked times. If your child’s attendance changes from the announced dates and the dates are locked, please contact your child’s day care group. You may announce attendance for multiple weeks and for multiple children at once. 

  1. Log in to eVaka in the address 
  2. Navigate to Calendar 
  3. Start announcing attendance by clicking + attendance / absence 
  4. Click Announce attendance 
  5. Choose the child you are announcing for 
    You may announce the same attendance dates for multiple children at once. NB! All children are chosen for announcement at default, please untick the children you are not announcing attendance for. 
  6. Choose repeating times 
    Same time everyday = the child attends at the same time every day 
    Same time per weekday = the time can vary on different weekdays but will stay the same each week 
    Varying times = there is no regularity in the care times, they can vary every day and every week 
  7. Choose the time period you are announcing 
  8. Input the times 
  9. Save your announcement by clicking Confirm 

If you announced different times for different children, all the times can be seen in the calendar view. You may examine and edit the individual care dates by clicking on the date in the calendar.