You must compile a written own-check plan, also known as a self-monitoring plan or in-house control plan. The goal of own-check is identifying the possible risks of your operations and how to control and prevent them. The aim is to ensure the safety of foodstuffs. The plan includes, for example, the cleaning plan, the maintenance plan and the temperature control plan.  

Despite any attempts at prevention, deviations occur from time to time. After such deviations it is important to consider what to do to prevent them from occurring again.  

The own-check plan is your food business’s own tool and instruction for self-monitoring. It helps you teach your staff to perform self-monitoring. The own-check plan must be available to all staff members. Familiarize your staff with own-check. 

Compile the own-check plan in good time before starting operations. If there are changes in your operations, consider them in your self-monitoring. Review the plan annually and consider if it needs updates. 

You may compile your own-check plan using pre-prepared plan templates. You may also compile the plan yourself or utilize the principles of good practical instructions listed by the Finnish Food Authority.  

Examples of what to do with deviation situations

Example 1: deviation in the fridge’s temperature

Example 2: deviation in the cooling of food

Example 3: deviation in serving temperature

The HACCP system focuses the self-monitoring 

The business’s own-check plan must be delivered to the supervision authority together with the approval application of the premises. The own-check plan of the approved premises must include a HACCP system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). 

The HACCP method finds the sections of activities that could cause possible health hazards. These critical control points include work and handling procedures that can prevent, eliminate or reduce possible food safety hazards. The HACCP system is compiled by determining the critical control points for example, product-specifically or product line-specifically. 

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