Address number sign

A property specific address number sign must be displayed on every built-up property or building site. The address number sign should be located on the property so that it is clearly visible from the road, primarily attached to the wall of a building. If the distance between the building and the road is greater than 40 meters, the sign should be placed on the side of the road. In that case, the sign can be attached to a gate, fence, post or some other similar structure. When using a separate post, it is recommended to place the number sign at a height of approximately 150 cm. 

In the case that the property is located on an unnamed road that branches off from the main road, the number sign should be placed at the beginning of the branching road. 

If in the previous case there are multiple properties along the branching road, they can be distinguished from each other, for example, with a letter identifier (in lower case). 

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