Terms and conditions for delivery of the city’s map datasets

Copyright and publication

Digital maps can be viewed in the City of Oulu map service.

The tourist map includes road networks as well as address names and numbers.

The address map shows property units and buildings, property addresses and street names

The basic map is a large-scale topographic map produced by the National Land Survey of Finland. 

Multiple aerial photographs illustrating different areas of the city from various dates can also be viewed in the City of Oulu map service.


Digital map datasets for construction and planning can be ordered from the city of Oulu shop or the customer service.

The base map is a detailed topographic map for planning and construction. The usable scale is 1:500–1:2000 for densely populated areas and 1:4000 for sparsely populated areas.

The city plan is an approved so-called official city plan document that includes the entire detailed plan map. Descriptions for the symbols used in the city plan are included in the plan regulation document. The product is needed when printing out a section from the city plan, for example, for a plot. The combined city plan map is a compilation of all valid detailed plans. You can read more about planning from the master plan page and city plan page.

Detailed plan maps for building planning can be purchased in dwg format.



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