School and Daycare Centre Gyms

Booking instructions

Seasonal bookings for evening and weekend use of school facilities can be applied for through Sports Services according to the application instructions. Please read the terms of use already when applying for a booking. When making individual bookings, check the additional information for temporary use of school facilities.

See the price list for school and daycare centre gyms.

Gyms and booking situations

The tables below show school and daycare centre gyms that are available for booking. In winter season, all gyms are available for booking, unless otherwise stated. In summer season, booking is concentrated to around 10-15 schools, depending on demand.

By clicking the link in the facility's name, you will be directed to the Timmi reservation calendar. In the calendar view, white spaces indicate time slots that do not have seasonal bookings. The booking calendars are up-to-date regarding recurring bookings.

School gyms

Daycare centre gyms

Temporary use of school and daycare centre gyms

Gyms available for booking in summer 2024