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Invoices sent by the city

The City of Oulu offers its customers and partners an electronic approach both for outgoing and receiving invoices. 

Corporate customers

The City of Oulu automatically updates the postal addresses and e-invoice addresses of corporate customers. Electronic invoice (e-invoice) addresses are obtained from the e-invoice address list by TIEKE. The automatic e-invoice address updating service always updates e-invoice addresses according to the legal customer's business identity code (contracting party, delivery customer). Corporate customers must maintain the e-invoice addresses linked to their business ID themselves in the e-invoice address list at

The postal addresses of the companies used on the City of Oulu invoices come from Business Information System YTJ's register with an automatic update, so companies should also update YTJ’s postal addresses if necessary. 

At the beginning of 2021, the City of Oulu's sales invoicing adopted the 3.0 format in accordance with the e-Invoicing Act. After this, the City's invoices meet the invoicing requirements for value added tax in accordance with the Tax Administration's guidelines. In addition, invoices receive an order number, contract number or construction site information if the customer has provided such information. 


Private customers
The City of Oulu offers the possibility of e-invoicing for consumers. Customers are hoped to make e-invoice agreements for all invoices sent by the City of Oulu. An e-invoice is an electronic invoice that a customer receives directly to their own online bank after having made an e-invoice agreement at their own online bank. 

E-invoicing is convenient, effortless, safe and fast. The consumer gets access to the e-invoice quickly and pays the invoice with only a few clicks of a button. An e-invoice customer does not need to type any account numbers or invoice reference number themselves, approving the information is all it takes. There will be no typing errors and you can get rid of paper invoices. Invoices are stored in an electronic archive. The city delivers invoices safely to banks' online service, and invoices can be paid anywhere and anytime, as long as there is an internet connection. The e-invoice sent by the City of Oulu is displayed in the online bank as a normal invoice that looks like a paper invoice. 

Make an e-invoice agreement in your own online bank. By selecting the City of Oulu as the invoice subject, you will receive the following invoices sent by the city to your online bank: 

  • Education and Cultural Services: early childhood and education (daycare), morning and afternoon club activities, Conservatory, Art School, Oulu-opisto, matriculation examination, Luuppi, library, Oulu Sinfonia, Oulu Music Centre, bookings of sports facilities and gyms, basic education and municipal influencing and cooperation 
  • Urban and Environmental Services: rents, drainage water, excavation permits, public transportation, streets and traffic, city zoning, land and surveying 
  • Building Supervision: construction permits 
  • The Environment Office of the Oulu Region: environmental protection, environmental health care, veterinary care 
  • Oulun Infra Public Utility 
  • Property and Facilities Management Services Oulu 
  • Oulu Waterworks Public Utility (no water billing) 

In addition, the City of Oulu still has the following e-invoice subjects for private customers: 

  • Property and Facilities Management Services Oulu Rents
  • The City of Oulu Facilities Rents Y and Y services
  • The City of Oulu WATER BILLING

Further instructions on how to implement e-invoice can be received from your own online bank and the bank's customer service. 

Direct payment

The City of Oulu offers a possibility of direct payment for water bills by Oulu Waterworks that do not have online banking at their use. If a customer wants to use direct payment, an agreement is made at the customer service of their own bank. Presenting a previous invoice is required. 

The City of Oulu delivers the invoice information well in advance before the due date by mail and simultaneously sends the invoice payment information directly to the customer's bank. The invoice contains information that the bank will pay the bill automatically from the customer's account on the due date. 

If you make an e-invoice agreement for a direct payment currently in force, please remember to terminate the direct payment agreement at your bank's customer service. 

With any questions related to invoicing, please contact the unit sending the invoice first. The details of the invoicing unit can be found on the invoice. 

Payment transaction and accounts ledger of the City of Oulu are handled by Monetra Oy: 

Customers' ledger:
tel. 040 138 1801, 044 703 0818

Purchases ledger:
tel. 040 138 1801

Property and Facilities Management Services Oulu is in charge of the customers' ledger concerning facilities:
tel. 044 703 2538


More information on the invoicing of the City of Oulu's wellbeing services and the Oulu-Koillismaa Rescue Department (ceased as of 1.1.2023): 

The accounts receivable and payable and the invoicing of the wellbeing services and rescue department prior to 1.1.2023 will be handled by Monetra Oulu Oy. View detailed contact information on Monetra Oy's website. 

Pohde social work will decide on the reduction and non-collection of wellbeing service customer fees as of 1.1.2023. Private law payments for wellbeing services, such as rents or debts of estates invoiced before 2023, will be decided on by a specialist in the central administration's economy and finance group. The City of Oulu's debt collection is handled by the central administration's economy and finance group. 


Debt collection

Contact person for debt collection by the City of Oulu and its public utilities: 

Mulari Maarit, Debt Collection Specialist
tel. 044 703 4931

Decisions on enforcement of debt collection and consents to voluntary liquidation measures requiring the consent of creditors on behalf of the City: 
Lehtosaari Teija, Specialist
tel. 044 703 4013

The City of Oulu, Central Administration
Solistinkatu 2
P.O. box 1, 90015 Oulun kaupunki


Debt collection partners

Should you have any questions regarding the content of the invoice or in case there is an error in the invoice, please contact the original issuer of the invoice first. The invoice sender's contact information can be found on the original invoice. The debt collection of the City of Oulu is handled by Revire Perintä Oy (former Suomen Kuntaperintä Oy) as of 1.4.2022. Invoices transferred to collection before this are collected by Svea Perintä Oy. Payment plans for overdue invoices are made by debt collection companies in accordance with the terms agreed with the City of Oulu. 


Revire Perintä Oy

Customer service on weekdays from 8 - 17
Online service (
Telephone 020 6399 420

Svea Perintä Oy

Customer service on weekdays from 8 - 20, on Saturdays from 9 - 15
Online service (Svea Perintä)
Telephone 09 4242 3350

Sending an invoice to the city

The City of Oulu only accepts e-invoices (City Board decision 24.5.2010 §35).

Invoicing instructions
The invoicing address of the City of Oulu is: 

City of Oulu (obligatory) 

Name of the administrative branch or public utility (obligatory, varies) 

EDI ID (obligatory, varies) 

P.O. Box 5016 (obligatory) 

02066 DOCUSCAN (obligatory) 


View the invoicing addresses from this link.

Invoices must always contain, in addition to the invoicing address, the reference information provided by the purchaser:  

  • branch ID (e.g. Kaakkuri School or Oulu Sinfonia) or, alternatively, a delivery or postal address. 
  • name of the invoice verifier (primarily in the Your Reference field) 
  • order code, listed on the purchase order form, starts with the letters OT 
  • contract number, if the invoice is based on an existing contract 

The City of Oulu only accepts electronic e-invoices. Operator information for e-invoice is: 

E-invoice operator: : CGI Suomi Oy
Operator ID: : 003703575029
E-invoice address EDI ID: varies depending on the branch/public utility 

The City of Oulu

Business ID 0187690-1
VAT-number FI01876901
The City of Oulu's purchase invoices and purchases ledger are handled by the personnel management and financial administration's service centre Monetra Oulu Oy.

With any questions regarding purchase invoices, please contact us via email or by calling the purchases ledger service number 040 138 1801.

Sending e-invoices through the supplier portal:


Things to note:
Do not send for example contracts, invitations, brochures or advertisements to invoicing addresses, but rather deliver them to the postal addresses. Also, any attachments that are not sent together with the invoices must be delivered to the given addresses.