It’s the time for ideas – how would you spend the participatory budget of 240 000 €?


The city of Oulu’s participatory budgeting begins today, on Monday 15.1.2024.

This time the ideas of the citizens are realized with a more than tripled budget. This year, the citizens may present ideas and vote on them to determine how the city will spend 240 000 € to improve comfort and community in Oulu.

Do you have a great idea?

Do you have an idea that would benefit a lot of people? What kind of activities or services are you longing for in Oulu? Please present your ideas online on the Osallistu Oulu website during the idea period: 15.1.–28.1. 

“The presented ideas of participatory budgeting will be realized during this year, in June-December, so the ideas must be quick to realize. You may come up with ideas alone or in groups. The budget allows for multiple ideas to be realized”, Interaction Designer Anne Kippola explains. 
You may explore and read the other ideas on the Osallistu Oulu website, you may also comment on them. After the idea period, the city will respond to all presented ideas. 

From idea to a voting proposal

After the idea period, all ideas that meet the participatory budgeting criteria and are realizable, are developed further into voting proposals together with city experts and different operators.

Later in the spring, the citizens of Oulu are invited to vote to determine which ideas are realized. Based on the voting results, the city will realize the proposals that received the most votes and fit into the budget of 240 000 €. 

The goal of participatory budgeting is to increase the citizens’ possibilities to influence and participate as well as to increase dialogue between the city and its citizens. Participatory budgeting is funded by the nation’s welfare and health promotion fund divided among municipalities.