Iloinen liikuntapäivä oululaisille 4.5.2024. Liikuntapisteitä kaikenikäisille oululaisille sekä soveltaville liikkujille. Ouluhallissa ja piha-alueella.

Joyful Day of Sports for Oulu’s citizens of all ages in the Oulu Hall on May 4


All citizens of Oulu are invited to exercise on the Joyful Day of Sports on Saturday May 4, 2024, between 10.00–16.00 inside and outside the Oulu Hall. 

There are bouncing castles for small children inside the Oulu Hall. Children will exercise in the area under their guardians’ supervision. The whole family may enjoy orienteering outside the Oulu Hall. Also, a skatepark is set up outside. 

In the Oulu Hall you can try out minitennis, basketball, judo, karate and disc golf. Adapted physical activities are also offered at specific stations: para hockey, a wheelchair track and curling.  

In the grass field in front of Raksila Swimming Pool, there is guided exercise offered for adults: balancing eye movement exercises at 10.15–10.30, yoga and Pilates at 10.30–11.15 and a dance gym at 14.00–14.45. If the weather is poor, the exercises will be held in the Oulu Hall’s exercise gym. 

“We want to invite all citizens of Oulu to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sport Services, and we celebrate with exercise. We hope that the Joyful Day of Sports brings a smile on the faces of Oulu’s citizens”, explains the Director of Guidance Services Eeva Tallqvist from Oulu Sport Services. 

The city of Oulu’s Sport Services organizes the event in cooperation with sports clubs, associations and neighboring municipalities. Simultaneously, the Special Hockey Tournament is held in the Oulu Ice Hall which brings together adapted athletes from all over Finland. Entry to spectate the tournament is free of charge. 


Further details from the Event Calendar.