Kuvituskuva, katutanssit, Oulun Päivät

The Oulu Days program is coming together – there is still time to join


The first events have already registered for the Oulu Days festival held in September. There is still time to register and join in creating the shared event of citizens.  

There will be an interesting spread of different events in Oulu this year as well.  

Some events have already been reported in the Event Calendar: among others an Outdoor Escape Room Tour in Oulu City Centre, Tahtipeikon ja Keijun satumainen lastenkonsertti Children’s Concert at Kaakkuri School, Machu Picchu band’s concert ‘Canto Latinoamericano’ at Valve, Miniature Railway Exhibition and a Museum Railway Equipment Exhibition. 

Oulu Days invites everyone interested in event organization to offer their programming for the festival which will be held on September 6–8, 2024. 

Oulu’s oldest culture event hopes for events that highlight both traditional and brand-new city culture. 

The Oulu Days production method has always been communal. The festival programming offers experiences that are unique, free of charge and filled with Oulu’s spirit. 

The Oulu Days Programming registration is open until August 18. The Oulu Days program will be announced on the Oulu Event Calendar

There is a prepared tag on the Event Calendar which you can use to tag your event as a part of the Oulu Days: “oulunpäivät”. The events announced via the Event Calendar will be included in the Oulu Days programming and the shared marketing in August-September.