Oulu early childhood educations services to roll out the eVaka e-service starting on September 5


The City of Oulu early childhood education and care services, encompassing all municipal and private daycare centres and child minders, will roll out the eVaka e-service starting on September 5.

You may use eVaka to apply for placement in early childhood education and care, preschool education, or a club activity for your child, to terminate enrolment in early childhood education and care, and register your income details.

eVaka can also be used to report your child’s care hours and absences. Your child’s early childhood education plan and other pedagogical documents can also be found in eVaka in the future. It also serves as a communication channel between the guardians and early childhood education and care.  

You can use eVaka in Finnish and in English.

eVaka will fully replace the current early childhood education services e-service. Due to the transition to the new system, all e-services will be suspended between August 31 and September 4 2022. During this time, you may contact the early childhood education and care services coordination team by e-mail or over the phone: varhaiskasvatus@ouka.fi, tel. 08 558 45300.

Logging in and strong identification

The first time you log in to the eVaka system, you must use strong identification (e-banking ID or mobile ID). Thereafter, you may create your own user account to make logging in in daily matters easier in the future. However, some of the eVaka services require strong identification in any case. 

It is possible for you to receive decisions made in eVaka as an electronic notification in the suomi.fi. messages service. However, you need to activate the suomi.fi messaging service first. For more information on suomi.fi messaging (Finnish, Swedish, and English): https://www.suomi.fi/viestit

The eVaka information event on Teams, August 30

For you, the guardians, an information event on how to use eVaka will be hosted on Teams in Tuesday, 30 August 2022 from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. The event is in Finnish. Please refer to the eVaka website for a participation link: www.ouka.fi/evaka and www.ouka.fi/oulu/english/evaka. The event will be recorded and made viewable at a later time. You are welcome to join us!

We continue to develop the eVaka system in a collaborative effort between the cities of Espoo, Tampere, Turku, and Oulu. New functions and electronic services will continue to be made available to you, the guardians, as a the result of the development.