eVaka - electronic services

With eVaka you can

  • apply for a place in early childhood education, preschool and clubbing for your child

  • report income data or give consent to the highest client fee

  • report your child's early childhood education hours and absences (does not apply to private early childhood education and care)

  • terminate a place in early childhood education and care

  • receive newsletters on early childhood education and care (does not apply to private early childhood education and care)

  • communicate with early childhood education staff (does not apply to private early childhood education and care)

  • review the child's early childhood education plan

Creating an account in eVaka

The first time, you will have to log in to the eVaka system with strong identification (online banking codes or a mobile certificate). To make daily transactions easier, you can create your own user account. However, some of eVaka's services require strong authentication.

There is no mobile application for the eVaka system that can be installed separately. The system works on mobile devices and other computers, automatically adapting to different screen sizes and shapes. After logging in to the system, you can save the view of the browser program to the Home screen or home screen of your mobile device (there are device-specific differences in this procedure). This makes it easy to use eVaka like a mobile app.

Electronic service

Decisions made in eVaka (early childhood education and care, service voucher, client fee decision) will be sent as electronic notification suomi.fi messages to the service. This requires the introduction of the service. More information about the Suomi.fi Messages service.

If you do not enable the Suomi.fi-messages service, decisions will be sent by letter. We recommend that you start using the service.

Info session of eVaka on Youtube

We arranged an information session for guardians on the use of eVaka on 22.9.2022. You can watch the info session on Youtube. Note that info is in Finnish.

eVaka feedback channel

Do you have any questions about eVaka or would you like to give feedback? Do you need help with problems?

Fill out a service request at: https://palvelupyynto.siku.ouka.fi/customerui

Instructions for using eVaka

You can watch the recording of the information session for guardians from the following link: Info session 22.9.2022. The recording is in Finnish.