Oulu participates in the A million trash bags Challenge


Oulu participates in the A million trash bags Challenge this year as well. The Yle campaign challenges Finns to collect a total of one million bags of waste. A total of 177 municipalities and cities as well as many associations and communities are participating in the challenge. The official ambassador of the campaign is Mikko “Peltsi” Peltola.  

The collected trash bags are registered in the trash counter under the region where they were collected. The counter updates once per day starting from April 15 at 9.00. On top of good deeds, the campaign is a true competition between Finland’s regions! 

Trash counter on the Yle website (in Finnish) 

Waste collection instructions in Oulu: 

  1. Use gloves and thick-bottomed shoes when collecting waste. 

  2. Use trash grabbers, which can be borrowed from libraries. You will find them from the OUTI Web Library under the name “roskapihdit”. 

  3. Wear easily perceptible clothes when moving along streets and roads. 

  4. Wash your hands carefully after collecting waste. 

  5. Place the waste in your own waste bin or public waste bins in parks. Recycle metal waste and hazardous waste separately. 

  6. There are six waste bins intended for syringes. If you are afraid of picking up a syringe yourself, please report the syringe through our feedback service. You may also deliver the syringe to a pharmacy in a plastic bottle for example. 

  7. Walk on the left side of roads and avoid crossing roads repeatedly. 

  8. Park your car in parking spaces or curbside when permitted. Do not park on the side of roads or at bus stops.  

  9. If you are collecting waste with a larger group, you may receive waste bags and trash grabbers from Oulun Infra’s office on Poratie. Please file a cleaning party announcement on our website (in Finnish).

The campaign ends on Wednesday, June 6 at 20.00.