Kuva Nallikarista

The renewal of Nallikari continues through the summer 2024


The Nallikari region and Coastal Oulu are being developed quickly. The road work and public area work are estimated to be finished during the coming summer. Among other things, the renewal will enhance the area’s tourism necessities, increase the area’s comfort and streamline the area’s pedestrian and cycling connections. 

“The work has progressed well and in schedule. The situation this summer will be mostly similar to last summer, the renewal work continues”, Construction Engineer Tero Tuhkala from the Urban and Environmental Services states.  

In the renovation, new routes and parking areas will come to Nallikari and, for example, public transport will take people closer to the beach in the future. More changing rooms will be added by the beach, some of which will be accessible to everyone. Accessibility has been considered otherwise as well in the public areas, the Project Engineer Marjo Honkamaa-Eskola from the Urban and Environmental Services explains. 

“The comfort of the area will be increased, for example, by new hangout areas with hammocks and beach chairs. We have to be patient now and then we can enjoy the fruits of our labor.” 

A new central playground will also be built in Nallikari during the coming summer. There will be a double rope track, spaces for playing in the sand and a double slide tower in the centre of the playground, Landscape Architect Sami Kaleva from Oulun Infra Public Utility explains. 

“The playground will include accessible safety surfacing and the equipment will primarily be made of recycled materials.” 

To the beach by bicycle or bus 

The city of Oulu encourages people to arrive to the Nallikari Beach by bicycle, by foot or by public transportation. Bus line 15 runs to Nallikari. See the public transportation schedules from the Oulu Regional Transport’s routing guide.  

You can arrive at the Nallikari Beach by bicycle from Rotuaari through the marketplace and Pikisaari along Cycle Route 12. Due to the initial construction phase of the Nallibaana, pedestrian and cycling routes on the Pikisaari Island are directed via the island’s northern paths.  

Drivers are asked to park their vehicles primarily in the parking areas on Vellamontie or Leiritie. The parking areas there are free of charge. Please note that parking on grass areas is not permitted. Curbside parking is primarily prohibited in the area as well.  

The beach and its services are open and accessible to customers for the entire summer despite the renewal work. The beach’s public toilets are found in the new Aalto building.