Reporting a child's need for summer vacation and early childhood education in early childhood education and care of the City of Oulu in summer 2023


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Summer time activities 1.6.-31.8.2023

During the summer, daycare centres can combine their activities if necessary. In family daycare the activities have been recuded. Private service providers inform their customer families about the exceptions to the opening hours of their unit.
During the on-call period 26.6.–30.7.2023, municipal early childhood education and care will be arranged in daycare centres on call by area.

Report your child's holidays and absences of more than six weeks without interruption 1.-14.5.2023 

If you arrange the care of your child yourself between 1.6.-31.8.2023 for a continuous period of at least six weeks, no client fee will be charged for the absence.  The notification of presence must be made on 14.5. by 2023. Absencesof more than 6 consecutive weeks reported up to that point will be locked in and absences reported at a later date will not be eligible for a refund.  We hope that you will also indicate your child's shorter vacations for the summer period. In this way, we are able to ensure a sufficient number of staff for the children and to resource the daylight saving time activities correctly. Absence during the summer period does not entitle you to Kela's home care allowance.

Absences and preliminary treatment times are reported electronically via eVaka. Marking of treatment times means that your child has a need for early childhood education. If you are not yet sure about the child's treatment times, mark the reservation from 8:00 to  from 16:00. You can change the treatment times in eVaka later to meet your actual needs within the lockdown period. Changes to absences entitling to a credit will only be accepted for special reasons. These include layoffs, dismissals, sick leave, or transfer /modification of annual leave due to the employer's actions. Written certificates of the above changes should be submitted to the director of the kindergarten.

Daylight saving time client fees

July is automatically a free month if the child's early childhood education and care has started before the end of August 2022. July is also free of charge when the child has started after 1.9.2022 and the child is not booked  a summer on-call service.  
More information about client fees for the summer months can be found on the early childhood education website.  (website in Finnish) Notify your child's on-call daycare centre on14.5. by 2023 

Early education will be arranged 26.6. - 30.7.2023 in on-call daycare centres.  Early childhood education and care is offered only to those who really need it.  You can report your child to the daycare centre on duty using the form you receive from your own daycare centre / family daycare provider.  You will be informed about your child's on-call daycare centre and the time of the  visit at the beginning of June. Report your child's attendance times to the on-call time via eVaka during the
lockdown period.

Open daycare centres 26.6.-30.7.2023 N.B! Changes are possible.

Northern region:
• Länsituuli daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.15 - 22.30)
• Ruiskukka daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.30 - 22.30)

Southern Region:
• Mäntypelto daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.30 – 22.30)
• Kuukkeli daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.30 – 22.30)
• Kaakonpoika daycare centre
• Mäntyrinne daycare centre

Eastern region:
• Honkimaa daycare centre
• Haapalehto daycare centre
• Välikylä daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.00 – 23.00)
• Muurahainen daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Fri 4.30 – 22.30)
• Hiukkavaara community centre's daycare centre Taikapolku
• Vesala daycare centre

Central region:  
• Värttö daycare centre (extended opening hours Mon-Sun 5.30-22.30)
• Ainola daycare centres Varpula (round-the-clock opening hours)
• Simpsi daycare centre
• Mäntylä-Snellman daycare centre