Self-service libraries will return to normal opening hours on 1.3.2022


Oulu City Library self-service libraries will return to normal opening hours starting 1.3.2022. Self-service libraries are open every day 7:00–21:00, except for the Jääli library (open Mon–Fri 7:00–20:00, Sat–Sun 7:00–16:00) and the Maikkula library (open Mon–Fri 7:00–21:00, Sat–Sun 9:00–21:00).
Please wear a face mask when visiting the libraries and keep a safe distance to others. Access to hand washing is ensured at the self-service libraries. Hand sanitizer is not available during self-service hours for security reasons. Cleaning wipes are available for cleaning the public computers and other devices.

A valid OUTI library card and PIN are required to enter the library during self-service hours. See the library website for more information about self-service libraries.

See library opening hours at the OUTI Web Library