Self-service libraries


Customers can use self-service libraries outside normal opening hours. Customers under 16 years of age can also gain access with their parent’s or guardian’s consent.

The self-service libraries of Kaukovainio, Kello, Maikkula, Pateniemi, Puolivälinkangas, Ritaharju, Tuira and Ylikiiminki are open:

Mon-Fri 9-21
Sat-Sun 9-17

Jääli self-service library

Kastelli self-service library

A valid OUTI library card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) are required to enter the library when there are no library staff members on the premises. You can get your PIN from the library.

Children and young people under 16 years of age can enter self-service libraries with their own library cards if their parent or guardian has authorized it in the customer register. The parent or guardian must visit the library in person and prove his or her identity with a valid ID card. The parent or guardian accepts full responsibility and liability for the use of self-service libraries with their child’s library card.

Organizational library cards cannot be used to enter self-service libraries.

Customers can use the self-service machines to borrow and return material, read books and magazines and use the customer computers independently. Computers can not be reserved via Varaamo during self-service hours.

Reserved items can be picked up from the reservation shelf. Printing and photocopying must be done when there are library staff members present.

Customers that enter the library during self-service hours agree to follow the OUTI library rules and to keep the library clean and in good order. Customers must leave the premises when the self-service library closes and check that the library door is closed properly when entering or leaving the premises. The customer accepts full responsibility and liability for any alarm caused by the customer.

Customers that enter the library during self-service hours accept full responsibility and liability for any damages or losses caused by the customer or any other person that they let inside the library. If the customer is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian is responsible and liable for any damages or losses caused by the customer or any other person that they let inside the library. Disturbing behaviour towards the library staff or other customers, for example, may result in a suspension of the right to use the self-service library.

The safety and use of self-service libraries is monitored with video surveillance.

Libraries will continue to provide normal services during staffed hours.


Self-service library contact information

Jääli library, Laivakankaantie 10, 90940 Jääli, tel. 044 499 3131, jaali.kirjasto(at)

Kastelli library, Sairaalanrinne 5, 90220 Oulu, tel. 050 576 3510, kastelli.kirjasto(at)

Kaukovainio library, Hiirihaukantie 4, 90250 Oul, tel. 08 558 47 405, kaukovainio.kirjasto(a)

Kello library, Kiviniemi school, Uuvenperäntie 4, 90810 Kiviniemi, tel. 050 410 3703, kello.kirjasto(at)

Maikkula library, Kangaskontiontie 3, 90240 Oulu, tel. 08 558 67411, maikkula.kirjasto(at)

Pateniemi library, Sahantie 2, 90800 Oulu, tel. 08 558 67418, pateniemi.kirjasto(at)

Puolivälinkangas library, Mielikintie 9, 90550 Oulu, tel. 08 558 47420, puolivalinkangas.kirjasto(at)

Ritaharju library, Ritaharju community center, Ritakierros 2, 90540 Oulu, tel. 044 703 7338, ritaharju.kirjasto(at)

Tuira library, Valtatie 47, 90500 Oulu, tel. 08 55847424, tuira.kirjasto(at)

Ylikiiminki library, Ylikiiminki school, Koulurinne 3, 91300 Ylikiiminki, tel. 050 316 6601, ylikiiminki.kirjasto(at)

Register description of the use of self-service libraries (in Finnish) (PDF)

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How to use the self-service machines at the Oulu main library