Puistopiknik, kuvituskuva vuodelta 2022

Submit your programme suggestions for Oulu’s Park Picnics



The city of Oulu is accepting suggestions from Oulu’s culture hobbyists and groups for the 2024 Park Picnics programme. The events will be held in different locations starting from the week after Midsummer until the middle of August. You may submit your suggestions with the online form on the Park Picnics webpage by Wednesday April 24, 2024, at 16.00.  

The Park Picnics are especially looking for Oulu’s culture and art hobbyists and communities to produce events. You may suggest single performances or entire programme concepts. The events are held in parks or as mobile events in different parts of the city. 

Oulu’s Park Picnics are a summery series of low-threshold events organized all over the city and administered by the city of Oulu. The events are free-of-charge and the citizens get to arrange the event programme themselves. The picnics are held primarily on the Hollihaka Park stage, around the city centre and in different city districts.  

You may submit your event suggestion on the Park Picnics webpage.