Trade union struggle 3.-9.5. closes most of the daycare centres of the city of Oulu


The trade union Jyty ry, the Association of Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL) and Juko ry, the association for the negotiation of educated persons in the public sector, will carry out a seven-day work stoppage from 3 to 9 May 2022. This action affects the majority of staff in early childhood education and care, and only a small number of staff are employed during the trade union
During the work stoppage, most daycare centres and family daycare are closed and early childhood education and preschool education cannot be arranged. Open early childhood education will not be held during this period. In this challenging situation, we hope that on 3-9 May you could  arrange your child´s care. Absence dates are credited in customer payments. The days of absence will be refunded in customer fees to those families who report the child's absence no later than 26.4.2022 by 12:00

Due to the work stoppage, we have to restrict the service primarily from families where both or one of the guardians are at home or who, due to the nature of their studies or work, do not need the necessary care for their child. Services will be provided only to the children of those employed in duties critical to the functioning of society, including social services and health care, fire and rescue services, and police personnel. To provide services, we require both guardians, or the one guardian in single-guardian families, be employed in these critical duties during the strike.

Tentatively, the following day care centres will be open between 3 and 9 May 2022:

Eastern Region:

• Kiiminkijoki daycare centre
• Hintta daycare centre

Southern Region:  

• Pitkäkangas daycare centre
• Kuukkeli daycare centre (extended opening hours)
• Savotta-aukio daycare centre
• Maikkula daycare centre

Central Region:  

• Varpula daycare centre
• Värttö daycare centre
• Kisakenttä daycare centre

Northern Region:  

• Ruiskukka daycare centre
• Länsituuli daycare centre
• Kuivasjärvi daycare centre

The supervisor of your child's daycare centre or family day care will provide more detailed information on which daycare centre the early childhood education and care of the strike days will be carried out and the opening hours of the unit.  The operating times of open daycare centres may need to be shortened. Open daycare centres offer meals normally.

Only a small proportion of the employees of their own daycare centre work in open daycare centres, as well as employees who move from other day care centres. Familiar staff are not present and groups are made up of children present.  The daycare centres will observe personnel norms set out in the Early Childhood Education Act during the strike. The daycare centre manager will assess the number of children who can be safely taken in to daycare in consideration of the law and the safety of the children.

We need information about your child's absence from 3 to 9 May 2022 as soon as possible and no later than 26.4.2022 by 12:00 p.m.

Reporting a child's absence can be reported electronically on the e-services website (  If you are unable to report an electronic absence, you can report the absences directly to your child's daycare centre or family day care.

We will provide more detailed information on the impact of the strike next week.  

If the work stoppage is cancelled, our services will operate as usual and we will inform about it as soon as possible.  

We apologize for the situation and hope for understanding from the families.  

Best regards

Miia Kemppi, Director of Early Childhood Education and Care