Daycare applications Daycare applications


All daycare-related matters can be taken care of electronically. All Oulu-based families who want to enrol their child in daycare or preschool or find out the cost of daycare can make a daycare application.

The application is processed by the day care service coordination team, who will contact the family during the application process. Families with children in City-provided daycare can also update their contact details, take their child out of daycare and accept the highest fee category.

You can visit the daycare centre before applying for a place.



You can also complete the paper version of the daycare application and send it to: Daycare applications, P.O. Box 17, 90015 City of Oulu.

Families with children in City-provided daycare can through E-services (identification required) make following proceedings:

change their contact details,take their child out of daycare, inform upcoming holidays or absences (e-days by 4th of each month) and accept the highest fee category. It´s also possible to enroll your child to daycare or preschool.

Further information

The day care service coordination team is happy to help you in all daycare-related matters. Tel. 08 558 45300, educare(at)

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