Apartment Noise Pollution

Apartments can suffer from noise pollution due to various technical equipment as well as due to restaurants and other operators operating close to the apartments. Noise sources can also be located outside the apartment building. If noise pollution reached inside an apartment, it may possibly harm the residents' health.

Please contact primarily your property owner or their representative, such as the property manager. They can examine the situation and correct any shortcomings. If they do not take action, you can ask for advice from a health inspector. If needed, a health inspector will assess the apartment's condition.

Exceptional noise caused by the users of the facilities, such as disturbances in public order, must be resolved with the property's rules and, if necessary, by the police.

The Community Mediation Centre provides private people with for example community mediation in order to intervene any disturbances and difficult situations in neighborhoods and residential communities. 

The Environmental Office of the Oulu Region
Environmental Health Care
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