Open Data

The city of Oulu shares its datasets free-of-charge for public use. These datasets are called open data. The aim is to increase open public information for the use of citizens, companies, communities, schools and researchers.

Open data refers to data that

  • is free to use by anyone as is, or
  • is published in a machine-readable format so that other systems can use it.

The aims of opening data include, for example, promoting the transparency of activities, openness and democracy and the development of the city's services and business life.

City of Oulu's data portal

The city of Oulu's open datasets are shared as files in tabular form or using open interfaces on

The data portal has been implemented together with other largest cities in Finland. We collaborate also on opening new datasets and other work related to open data.

The data shared by Oulu is collected automatically once a day on the national portal. In this way, the datasets shared by the city are easier to find.

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