Communications Guidelines and Material Bank

The official name of Oulu Days is Oulu Days (second part also written with a capital letter). All events participating in Oulu Days must adhere to the festival's communications guidelines. Event and performance organizers are encouraged to communicate about the event to their stakeholders.

Oulu Days' event organizers undertake to:

  • announce their event in Oulu Event Calendar by August 18, 2024. 
  • clearly indicate in all their own textual content that the event is part of Oulu Days
  • link from their own website to the Oulu Days website
  • use Oulu Days' marketing and communications materials in their own marketing and communications as much as possible (e.g. logo or advertising templete, which can be found in the media bank)
  • communicate also at event venues that the event is part of Oulu days, for example in presentations or in communication materials visible at the venue
  • answer an impact evaluation survey sent by email after the event that asks about, for example, the number of visitors
  • Familiarise themselves with and act in accordance with the given safety and permit instructions.

Visibility materials that can be borrowed for events can be requested by e-mail:


Download Oulu Days' new logo, poster templates or social media materials from the city of Oulu's media bank. If you need the logos or other materials in a different format, please send us an email: oulunpaivat(a)