Oulu Housing Fair 2025 Event

Illustration of the Lehtokylä single-family home area in Hartaanselänranta. The illustration shows a road and single-family homes.
Architectural visualization of an area of the Housing Fair, built in Hartaanselänranta. Image: city of Oulu.

The Housing Fair is held in Oulu in July 18 - August 17, 2025. At the Housing Fair event, you get to see the latest trends of housing and small house and apartment house building, smart solutions, and an everyday communal way of living. The event is organized by the cooperative Suomen Asuntomessut (Finnish Housing Fair) in cooperation with the city of Oulu.

More about the Housing Fair event in Finnish (asuntomessut.fi).

The Housing Fair event area is located on the Hietasaari side of Hartaanselänranta, which is one of the most important targets for the development of Oulu's urban environment. Rugged warehouse buildings will combine with modern living solutions, urban culture and art in the future in the Hartaanselänranta area  - not forgetting the green landscapes of the Oulujoki river delta.
The development of Hartaanselänranta began in 2018, when the city of Oulu applied for the Housing Fair event of 2025.

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