Oulu Housing Fair 2025 Event

Illustration of the Lehtokylä single-family home area in Hartaanselänranta. The illustration shows a road and single-family homes.
Architectural visualization of the Hartaanselänranta area when it will be finished in the coming decades. Image: city of Oulu.

Hartaanselänranta is a new residential area of the future in the Oulujoki river delta – only 2km away from the city center. The eastern waterfront, called Hartaanranta, is probably familiar to many residents of Oulu for its characteristic brick warehouses. The western waterfront areas are called Vaakunakylä and Lehtokylä, and they are situated on the Hietasaari island, surrounded by greenery.

The entire area is currently being developed into a diverse housing-oriented area that respects the characteristics of the cityscape and the nature of the river delta, becoming home for 2000 residents. The future goal is that the area will serve all residents of Oulu, with the new Hartaansilta bridge connecting housing areas in Tuira and Hietasaari and creating new possibilities for using the river delta and its recreation paths. The area will also include public spaces, such as a promenade as well as parks and plazas.

Oulu is also implementing an art program in the area. The art in the area could be collective, technological, include light installations, or be something completely new and intriguing.

Vaakunanranta, located in the new Hartaanselänranta neighbourhood, will serve as the arena for the Finnish Housing Fair on July 18 - August 17, 2025. The Finnish Housing Fair is an annual event that showcases new perspectives for Finnish housing in different Finnish cities. At the event, you get to know the latest trends of housing and small house and apartment house building, smart solutions, and an everyday communal way of living. The event is organized by the cooperative Suomen Asuntomessut (Finnish Housing Fair) in cooperation with the city of Oulu. The year 2025 is Oulu’s turn to show what future living in a northern city is today.