Request or Cancel a Malfunction Report

Every now and again water distribution must be interrupted to ensure the long-term functionality of the water supply network. We notify of all distribution interruptions ahead of time so you may prepare for them. We will also send text messages in cases of sudden and unexpected malfunctions. 

You may also receive a malfunction report as a voice message to a landline phone or via email. You may choose these options in the electronic form. 

The Message is sent Automatically to Public Phone Numbers 

The message is sent automatically to all persons over 16 years old whose phone number and address are public in the Oulu region. Your phone number will be recorded into our system, and you will receive the messages automatically. This does not require action from you. If you do not wish to receive messages, you may remove your phone number from our system on the Finnish side of this website. 

Request a Malfunction Report when: 

  • Your phone subscription is registered somewhere else than your place of residence (i.e., a work phone) 

  • You have denied your operator from sharing your address 

  • Your phone subscription is private or prepaid 

  • You wish to receive the malfunction report from another address (i.e., a cottage, or grandparents etc.) 


You may request or cancel a malfunction report by filling the electronic form below.

Malfunction Report Request Form (in Finnish)

Where did you get my information?

Why did I receive a message even though I have moved?

Where is my recorded information going? Where can I read the privacy policy?

If I withdraw from the service, will my information stay in the system?

Privacy Policy 

Our contracted clients are properties and housing companies, such as apartment buildings, so we only have the contact information of owners and housing managers. We do not use the Oulu Waterworks client register for collecting phone numbers. 

We do not use the recorded phone numbers for anything else than informing about possible water distribution malfunctions or interruptions. The phone numbers are not sold or handed over and they are stored on a password-secured server which is only open to people using the text message system. 

Link to the privacy policy (in Finnish)