Data Protection and Information Management

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The task of the information management department is to maintain a description of the information pools and case register in accordance with the Information Management Act (906/2019 Section 28). The city of Oulu is the data management entity referred to in the Act. With the description of document publicity, the customers of the city of Oulu are informed about how the city manages datasets that are created in the case processing and service provision of the authorities. The document publicity description is a document that is being supplemented and that aids in specifying the request for information.

Data protection is a fundamental right that secures the implementation of the rights and freedoms of a data subject. Everyone has a right to the protection of their personal data. This page includes information about the basics of processing personal data and information on how personal data is processed in the city's services.

Laws and regulations governing data protection and information management


Principle of public access

Public Information Management Act

EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Legal bases for processing personal data

Data protection in the city of Oulu services

More information on the city of Oulu's data protection

Data protection in the city of Oulu
The city of Oulu complies with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation and national data protection legislation.