Parking in Private Areas

Parking in Private Areas 

In Oulu, parking in private areas is supervised by the city of Oulu as well as private control companies. Oulu parking control does not supervise parking in private control company areas. 

The city of Oulu’s parking control cannot issue parking tickets or attach wheel clamps in private areas without permission from the property owner.  

Parking control request 

To start parking control in private areas, a control request is needed from the property beforehand. 

The party making the control request must specify in the form what the area is used for on which the parking control will be based on. The parking control will be conducted with Road Traffic Act mandated traffic signs or Off-Road Traffic Act regulations, considering emergency access roads based on the Rescue Act. The property is responsible for the traffic signs. When the area’s traffic signs have been inspected and approved, parking control may begin. 

Representative of the property may fill in the control request form and send it via e-mail to To fill in the form you need a reader program, such as the free of charge Acrobat reader or some comparable program. 

Car in an illegal space? 

If vehicles are being parked on your property without permission, please contact the property manager. When a parking control request is in effect, the property manager or other authorized person can contact parking control and they will begin action immediately.  

Please note that when an unknown car is illegally parked in your parking space, the parking control cannot move the car away immediately, they can only issue a parking ticket. If the car is in an emergency access road, the car will be removed immediately.