Parking Tickets and Rectification

Parking tickets 

Parking tickets are 60 € in the city centre zone 1, and in other public areas 50 €. The deadline of ticket payments is 30 days from the day of violation. If the payment is delayed, an additional 14 € is added to the ticket payment.  

Demands of Rectification through the e-service 

By registering into the e-service with the case number and license plate number you can see the parking fee data, pictures taken by the traffic warden and you may file a demand for rectification. Demands for rectification made in the e-service can be settled via e-mail if you permit it.  

Demands for rectification cannot be filed via e-mail. 

If you cannot find your parking ticket data in the e-service, please file this e-form.

Demands for rectification within 30 days 

If you believe you have received a false parking ticket, you have 30 days to file a demand for rectification with the traffic warden. The demand may be filed with the electronic form above. 

If your demand for rectification is approved, the payment is returned to your bank account. Please note that your payment deadline does not change if you file a demand for rectification.  

What if I cannot use electronic services? 

If you are unable to access the e-service or fill in the electronic form, you may contact the Oulu10 service desk. 

The demand of rectification sent via mail must include: 

  • Case number (found on the parking ticket or the demand for payment) 

  • The name, address and social security number of the person making the demand (needed for possible return payments) 

  • IBAN- account number (needed for possible return payments. If the account number is not included, the return payment may be collected from the Oulu10 service desk, Torikatu 10. The collection must be arranged beforehand.) 

  • Free form explanation of the violation and the situation as well as arguments for the false parking ticket 

  • Pieces of proof can be added as attachments 

How are the demands processed? 

Traffic wardens examine and process the demands electronically and request additional information if needed. A decision is made regarding the demand, and it is sent to the customer via mail or a link is provided via e-mail. You will receive an e-mail from Fujitsu titled “Oikaisuvaatimus ratkaistu”. The message includes a link which leads you to the decision. 

Complaints about the parking control decision can be made to the Administrative Court. The complaint must be registered to the Northern Finland Administrative Court within 30 days from receiving the decision. The complaint must include the parking control decision, certificate of payment within the deadline and other possible documents you wish to appeal to that have not been presented before. A 270 € general fee for court proceedings can be collected from the complainant. The fee is not collected if the Administrative Court changes the parking control decision in favor of the complainant.