Baby and Family Swimming Groups

Safe baby and family swimming

Oulu Sport Services’ baby and family swimming activities comply with the principles of FSL (Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation).

Current Activities


Baby and family swimming groups are shared and active playtimes in clean and warm water on the child’s terms under the safe guidance of a professional instructor. The goal of baby swimming is to introduce water to the child in safe conditions and establish a friendship between the child and the water. The city of Oulu organizes baby and family swimming groups in Oulu Swimming Pool (Raksila) and in Vesi-Jatuli in Haukipudas. 

The organized groups are meant for children under the age of 1. The starting age is 3-6 months and a minimum weight of 5 kg. As an exception, there is a group meant for children 7-9 months old who have not participated in baby swimming groups. Family swimming groups are meant for children over the age of 1, you may register even if your child did not participate in baby swimming. 

Special needs children are welcome in our groups. However, the special needs child requires a doctor’s permission to participate in swimming activity. Additionally, we wish that you would send our instructor about the child’s special needs ahead of time via e-mail or at least by the pool before the group session.  

Before starting baby swimming activities, a mandatory information event is organized which everyone who received a swimming group place is notified about. We will notify the participants about the event’s date and time in the registration system, in the information box next to the group, so that the participants may prepare. Family swimming group places are announced together with instructions via e-mail.  

Registration for baby and family swimming groups via the online registration service

We will announce the registration dates on this site, in the “Current Activities” box above, in good time before the registration opens. There are four registration periods in a year. Read the instructions and details from the registration system carefully before registering. 

Below you will find the contact information and details of Oulu Swimming Pool and Vesi-Jatuli. Please address your questions to the swimming pool the question concerns. 

Baby swimming at Oulu Swimming Pool (Raksila)

Baby swimming at Vesi-Jatuli