Welcome to Villa Victor!

Multicultural centre Villa Victor of the city of Oulu is a lowtreshold meeting place that is open to all. Our most important values are equality and fairness. The starting point of our operations is to organize free and tailored services as well as to give support and correct information for different daily life situations.

Welcome to meet and make our world more balanced, intact and happier!

Multicultural Centre Villa Victor provides activities for immigrants and Finns living in Oulu.

We provide Finnish language lessons and guidance in different languages free of charge. At Villa Victor you can learn new languages, meet people and participate in a variety of different events. 


Multilingual guidance timetable

Multilingual guidance brochure

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Information about Oulu in different languages

InfoFinland is a multi-language website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country. 

Information about coronavirus in different languages

Everyday instructions concerning corona news etc. for the general support and mental health.

If you suspect you have coronavirus, read the information
In Finnish
In English
In Somali
In Arabic, Somali, Kurdish, and PersianInformation and advice on the coronavirus, Finnish Government
Multilingual information on coronavirus COVID-19 (Finnish institute for health and welfare THL)
Multilingual COVID-19 materials
Let's keep Oulu healthy together(Rus)