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Villa Victor works daily with customer interface and as an expert in Oulu’s immigration and multicultural matters. People visit Villa Victor for multilingual guidance, counseling and Finnish courses. Multilingual assistance is offered in 15 different languages. Finnish language can be studied through a literary course, elementary course, follow-up course, conversation course and YKI-test training course.

Coordinating and developing immigration work in Oulu is Villa Victor’s area of expertise. Employees operate as consultants and are associated with the most important immigration and multicultural steering groups. The central objectives are working on anti-racism and developing two-way integration.

One of Villa Victor’s main tasks is to organize events that are associated with multiculturalism. “Welcome to Oulu”, “Colourful Restaurant”, “Celebration for citizenship receivers” and “Independence Day” are examples of events that are organized every year. In addition Villa Victor organizes information sessions about various current topics every month.

The activities are developed in close collaboration with other organizers in the area. The project Language -a key to participation is administered by the University of Oulu and is organized at Villa Victor's premises.

Everyone is welcome to Villa Victor!

Villa Victor´s history

Contact information

Antti Koistinen
Multicultural Service
Service Manager
 +358 (0)50 3886808

 El Hassane Kazza

Multilingual services
+358 (0)40 651 5687

Multilingual assistance
+358 (0)40 621 1714

Pelkonen Veli-Pekka
Finnish language teaching
+358 (0)50 361 3842

Saloranta Ritva
Multicultural activities
Info Finland,registrations
+358 (0)40 656 8829

Waged Arabi
+358 (0) 40 703 1326





Language - a key to participation
(Oulun university; co-operation project)

Veli-Pekka Pelkonen
Project manager
+358 (0)50 361 3842

Rikupekka Leinonen
Project coordinator
+358 (0)294 48 3466


Initial Assesment Plan

Welcome to Oulu - Where to begin?

Come talk with us about employment, education, Finnish language courses and different aspects of life in Oulu.

Together we will figure out how your past education, language skills, and other factors can influence your integration process.

You will receive an initial assessment plan after the meeting and we will continue to provide you with the right information when you need it, so that you settle more easily into life in Oulu. We can create a customized plan regarding education, work, and life in your new city.

Multicultural Centre Villa Victor makes initial assessment plans for those people who have not registered with the TE-office as an unemployed jobseeker and who have lived in Finland for less than three years. This service is offered to immigrants according to the law on integration.

Get in touch!


Priyanka Sood
Coordinator of multicultural work
phone: 044 7031 674


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Please send your feedback to Multicultural Centre Villa Victor.

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