Info sessions

Info sessions are organised at the City Main Library, in Pakkalan sali (Kaarlenväylä 3) is at 9.00-10.30. There are various interpreters present.


Tue 27.8. Children’s and young’s rights in Finland

Tue 10.9.  Mental wellbeing

Tue  1.10. Sports, recreation and libary services

Tue 15.10. Road safety

Thu 7.11. TE- office services

Tue 26.11. Rescue services

Tue 17.12. Activities of third sector

Changes for the program are possible. More information: Mia Lindberg tel. 044 7031 326.


International Meeting Point

Every month’s 1 st Wednesday in Villa Victor

Wed 4.9. Surfing in soffa

Wed 2.10. Indian and Sudanese evening in Aleksinkulma (Aleksanterinkatu 9) food service

Wed 6.11. International role of young people in volunteering

Wed 4.12. Christmas time moods and travel pictures