Events and Infos


Info sessions, spring 2020

We will start the autumn's first Infos at 9.00 - 10.00 on Teams only due to the corona situation. On Teams environment, we are not able to provide any interpretation for time being.

Tues 1.9. Childrens and youngs rights in Finland

Tues 22.9. Corona virus and medical treatment of diseases (cancelled)

Wed 7.10. Sports,recreation and library services (cancelled)

Tues 27.10. Road safety (cancelled)

Tues 10.11.  Housing and living in Finland

Tues 24.11. Rescue services

Tues 15.12. Sexual health and safety skills

Colorful restaurant

Colorful restaurantled opens again on November 2020

If you want to give your contribution to the occasion and come to prepare and serve your national dishes and other specialities to the public.
If you are interested, please contact us at Villa Victor. 

Colorful restaurant is an occasion, that is arranged twice a year. We are canceling the Colorful restaurant -occasion of the spring 2020 due to coronavirus. 


Welcome to Oulu

The occasion is arranged every year. Last time it was arranged on Oct. 3th 2019.







Trip to Sanginjoki to pick berries and mushrooms, autumn 2019.

Colorful Restaurant