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The national Week Against Racism (week 12) also hosts a variety of programs in Oulu. Respect for other people and prevent racism are highlighted and discussed in the events.

Oulu loves me events are open to everyone.

In Oulu, the Week Against Racism is implemented in co-operation with various parties. The ETNO of Northern Finland, the Red Cross, the Vuolle Oulu, the Oulu 2026 project, the Regional Advisory Board for Romany Affairs in Northern Finland, the Institute for Peace Education and many other actors are participating in the coordination of the City of Oulu. The co-operation has been taking place in Oulu since 2011 in the framework of the Week of the Racism.

The theme of the week was “Face to Racism”, which is based on the themes of the National ETNO and the Red Cross. The theme is highlighted especially through personal experiences and stories, and the target group for the week was primarily young people.

The “Everyone is Welcome” challenge campaign promotes anti-racism policies and challenges companies, associations and organizations in addition to schools and colleges. The main event of the week is the Oulu loves event, which will be published in Mun Oulu on Monday 21 March at 1 PM on UN Day against Racism. It highlights the theme of the week and gives a face to racism through personal experiences and stories.

In addition, various actors organize their own events, which are compiled on this website.'


Monday March 21st

Oulu loves me -event at 1 pm.

The event kicks off the week agains racism in Oulu and is the main event of the week. It is published in Mun Oulu online media. A link will be added here before the event.

The event will be opened by Mika Penttilä, Director of Education and Culture of the City of Oulu. The program includes e.g. Street workshop survey on racism conducted by the youth workshop, stories of racism faced by young people and music.

Group registrations 18.3. by 4 pm: villavictor@ouka.fi

Organizers: City of Oulu Youth Services and Multicultural Centre Villa Victor


Tuesday March 22nd

Eveone is welcome to us! at 4-6 pm.

We will spend time indoors and outdoors at Vuolles new Virta-olohuone enjoying free drinks and snacks. There will also be workshops related to week against racism if anyone is interested! The event is free and no pre-registration is required.

The new Vuolle building can be found at this address;
Pikku-Iikankatu 6

Organizer: Vuolle Oulu Vuolle Friendshipcenter, Girls House, Boys House and Tietoiseksi -project


Thursday March 24

Towards Equality: What can we learn from the anti-racism work of organizations? at 12 - 2 pm. 

The work of social organizations is a low-threshold activity that is open to all, unhindered, non-discriminatory and free from racism.

How is anti-racism work and culturally sensitive activities reflected in the activities of the Nuorten Ystävät and the City of Oulu's Multicultural Centre Villa Victor, and what good practices could be introduced elsewhere?

Join the webinar on March 24, 2022 from 12 to 2 p.m. At the beginning, Johanna Hiitola, Docent at the University of Oulu, will give an introduction to the topic What is racism?

Included in the panel discussion:

Supervisor Carmen Hedman, NY Clubhouse Pönkkä

Program manager Marjo-Riitta Tervonen, Nuorten Ystävät ry - 
Place Open, Coordination Project

Responsible job coach Jaana Rossi, NY Clubhouse Roihula, Rovaniemi 

Doctoral Candidate Iida Kauhanen, the University of Oulu

Developer teacher Veli-Pekka Pelkonen, Multicultural Centre VIlla Victor

The event will be chaired by the Development Director of Nuorten Ystävät Marko Kielinen. The online event will be held live from the Nuorten Ystävät Clubhouse Pönkkä.

The event is organized by Nuorten Ystävät.

Max. 300 participants.


Panel discussion hosted by ETNO in Northern Finland at 2 -3.30 pm.

Place: Culture House Valve, Restaurant H2O Konstila, Hallituskatu 7.

Nexhat Beqiri, the coordinator of the Good Population Relations pilot project managed by the Ministry of Justice, will take the lead in the panel discussion.

The themes of the panel discussion include:

Discrimination and its many faces

Working against racism and increasing society's receptivity 'Promoting good population relations in Oulu, especially through culture, art and sports.

As interviewers, we have received interesting, inspiring and knowledgeable speakers from a variety of sectors and professions.

Welcome to follow the panel!

Organizer: ETNO of Northern Finland in cooperation with the Integration Partnership Program coordinated by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy


About us -photo exhibition 4.3.-1.4.

Place: Culture House Valve, H2O Konstila, Hallituskatu 7

About Us is Aleksandra Lemke's photo exhibition, the aim of which is to empower and increase the visibility of rainbow people belonging to ethnic minorities and racized in Finland. The exhibition challenges the whiteness of the rainbow community and highlights the multiple discrimination that manifests itself in our society, as well as stories that also belong to rainbow Finland.

About Us - About Us wants to awaken both ethnic and rainbow minorities to reflect on diversity within communities, encourage the general public to discuss the discrimination experienced by minorities, and promote the resolution of confrontations - people can have a wide range of identities and equality should be the goal regardless of background.

Aleksandra Lemke (b.1989) is a professional photographer from Vantaa with a Polish background, specializing in portrait and fashion photography. People, clothes, places and natural light are his sources of inspiration.

The exhibition project has been implemented with the support of the Ministry of Justice by Etno in Northern Finland and the City of Oulu in co-operation with the Valve Culture House.


Book exhibition March 21st -March 27th

Oulu City Library, Kaarlenväylä 3.

The Oulu City Library has literature related to, among other things, anti-racism and immigrants. There is both fiction and non-fiction on the subject, including books written by immigrants themselves.


Further information

Mia Lindberg 

p. 044 703 1326